5-7 September 2024
Caparica, Portugal
5-7 September 2024
Caparica, Portugal

Invited Symposiums and Workshops Themes

Invited Symposium A: Neuroeducation - Strategies and Projects to Support Chemistry Education in a Sustainable World.

Invited Symposium B: Portuguese online platforms that facilitate the teaching and learning of Sustainable chemistry.

Invited Symposium C: Sustainable Chemistry and the Impact on Chemical Education.

Invited Symposium D: Sustainable Chemistry.

Invited Symposium E: Professional Development of Chemistry Teachers for Sustainability.


Lab 1 Practical work - Synthesis of nanoparticles (SEM) in a classroom.

Lab 2 Practical work - Nanomaterials and Composites production in a classroom. 

Lab 3 Practical work - Informal Chemistry Learning. 

Lab 4 Practical work - Sustainable Chemistry in the School Laboratory.  

Lab 5 Practical work - Experimental class by Laboratory Station Model. A Sustainable chemistry methodology.

Room 1 Hands-on - Machine Learning in Chemistry in the Classroom.

Room 2 Hands-on - Neuroeducation in Classroom Work 

Room 3 Hands-on - Chat GPT and other challenges of new technologies -challenges of the Sustainable Future.

Room 4 Hands-on - How to Communicate in Science in a Sustainable World.