5-7 September 2024
Caparica, Portugal
5-7 September 2024
Caparica, Portugal

Research Strands

  1. Chemical Education for Promoting Sustainability and Climate Awareness

  2. Artificial Intelligence, Innovative Technologies, and the Impact on Chemical Education

  3. Research in Students Learning in a Sustainable World.

  4. Innovative Teaching and Pedagogies for a Sustainable World

  5. Teaching Environmental Chemistry and Developing Scientific Literacy based on the SGDs (sustainable development goals)

  6. Engaging Students in a Sustainable World with Chemistry.

  7. Neuroeducation - Strategies and Projects to Support Chemistry Education in a Sustainable World.

  8. Sustainable Chemistry Curriculum and its Evaluation in a Changing World.

  9. Professional Development of Chemistry Teachers in a Sustainable World

  10. Science Communication in Chemistry in a Sustainable World

  11. Diversity and Inclusion in a Sustainable World

  12. Chemical Heritage